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Our mission is to develop an unparalleled partnership with and value for businesses through targeted educational innovations, functional processes, and positive ongoing support to improve business productivity through client language acquisition as they connect with the global workforce.

ESL INTERNATIONAL-LLC (ESLI) was founded in. 2012 by Barron E. White.  As a former educator and businessman for over forty years, he witnessed a disconnect between bilingual and monolingual companies doing business in the United States and along the border with Mexico.  After speaking with one of the representatives from one of the world’s largest automotive parts manufacturers, he formulated a customized language program, and with Martha S. Mendoza, his V.P. of curriculum & Instruction, fully developed and implemented “The Process.”  Development of “The Process” which includes cognate patterns, is one of the dominant functions used to create a meaningful language learning experience for English Learners.

Objective 1: Grammar

To implement the foundation for formal and 
informal language by incorporating proper grammatical usage for daily and work-related vocabulary and cognate awareness.

Objective 2: Pronunciation

Encourage the articulation of consonant and vowel sounds.  Enhance listening skills to improve pronunciation and fluency.

Objective 3:  Comprehension

To improve and reinforce comprehension using common and work-related terminologies, reading, and speaking.

Objective 4: Conversations

To become more proficient in understanding spoken conversations.

ESL INTERNATIONAL is changing how language is taught and brings its proprietary development to businesses and to the arena of public education.

Martha S. Mendoza

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Meet Our Team 


Chief Executive Officer

Barron White


Daen Mendoza

Chief Operations Officer

Daniel-Barlow_ Director-of-Technology_edited.jpg

Daniel Barlow

Director of Technology


Sandro Catallo

Software Engineer 

Eric-Valerio_Media Designer_Proctor_edited_edited.jpg

Eric Valerio

Media Designer/Proctor

Vanessa Tena Marketing_edited_edited.jpg

Vanessa Tena


Jerry-Cortez_Technical Support_edited.jpg

Jerry Cortez 

Technical Support

Yulissa Gonzalez Administrative Assistant_edited.jpg

Yulissa Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant

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