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Keep Your Company Moving Forward By Speaking Your Client's Language


We recognize the constant evolution of the business market and utilize the power of language to keep our affiliated companies connected to the world. Our professionals are fully prepared to provide custom group services. 

Our proprietary language process and certified instructors engage and guide your key personnel to experience language success and confidence during every training session.  

We are committed to integrating customized, work-related language instruction, and learning data into your business.

Language is not a barrier!  It is a bridge of support to crossover to learn another language.

-Barron E. White

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Engage your key personnel in an on-site language acquisition program administered by ESL INTERNATIONAL's certified staff.  Our customized language training process is designed for the benefit of business clients who are needing English or Spanish training. 



The process assesses the individual's current language skills, pairs their assessment to the language being studied, and creates daily grammar and fluency instruction to address specific client needs.

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He joined the University of Houston faculty in 2003, following six years, as an Assistant Professor of Psychology, at the University of California, Santa Barbara. During the past fifteen years, he has been investigating the nature of language processing using both behavioral and neuroimaging methods to inform his work.  His view is very much in line with the current emergentist view of language in which language development, processing and its neural bases reflect multiple processes interacting at multiple levels.  Although his work has focused on word level processing with bilingual speakers, he uses this focus as a manner to investigate questions of interest to cognitive and developmental
psychologists.  This is reflected in theoretical work in which he makes a link between learning in non-linguistic, monolingual and bilingual domains (Hernandez & Li, 2007).  Dr. Hernandez is also affiliated with the UH Cognitive Science program and with the Human Neuroimaging Laboratory at the Baylor College of Medicine.


Bilingualism, whether political, societal, on the job, or in education, accents the cultural base from whence language was derived. The enigma is that our country is founded on the migration of individuals to the United States as they settled in various parts of the country.  The influences of European culture and language created the necessity for individuals to learn English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Native American languages to trade and do business.

Over time, English, though a much more difficult language to learn, became the language of choice.  Individuals who did not speak English were unjustly criticized, taken advantage of, and were considered inept.

In today's world, bilingualism has become a positive asset politically, societally, in business, and in all areas of education.  We at ESL INTERNATIONAL-LLC strongly believe that language is not a barrier.  It is a bridge of support to learn another language.  Bilingualism has become the way of business around the world.

ESLI provides customized, quality language instruction to businesses, so they have the capacity to experience success in the global economy.

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